The Battle of Lewes Research Group: Part 1

I became a member of The Battle of Lewes Research Group (2011) in early February after an advert for volunteers appeared in the Sussex Archaeological Society magazine.

I met a wonderful bunch of volunteers who all had different research ideas to celebrate the big event at Lewes Castle in 2014, the 750th anniversary of the Battle.

You can check out the other projects at  These include a new website, film, exhibition, tapestry, diorama and Mill memorial.

Leading up to the big event, there will also be a series of lectures held in Lewes- so watch this space for more details!

My research will be looking at producing a 13th Century map of Lewes, marking the archaeological finds spots from the same era. I’m hoping by plotting finds I can discover the location(s) of the mass graves, and/or the remains from the horses used in battle. This information will then be transfered to the new BoL (Battle of Lewes) website.

Currently I’m trawling through journal articles and excavation reports held in the Barbican House Library for snippets of information.

The Lewes History Group also has a wealth of information.