Horsham District Archaeology Group

I have been a member of the Horsham District Archaeology Group for nearly a year now, but recently I began identifying bones for the Group found during their field walking excursions.

You can check out their website and see what they have been up to here: http://horshamarchaeologygroup.webs.com/aboutus.htm 

Every few weeks or so, a bag of bones appears for me through my letter box which makes a nice change to the usual bills and junk mail! (well for me anyway, it might freak some other people out).

The bones I have received recently come from a Roman site.

Amongst the last bag of bones were 3 Cattle adult molars either M1 or M2’s. The roots are broken, so this makes ID’ing any further difficult. Two of these teeth are light coloured, showing evidence of taphonomic changes, possibly weathering or burning to cause cracking of the enamel. The larger tooth, an M1, is not as old (based on wear) as the other two as the ‘pillar’ (small column in the middle of the tooth) is still intact and not worn down.  

Also in the bag were some adult pig teeth, a P4 and M2 (mandibular teeth). These look remarkably like human teeth, but they are definately not.


And an adult left Cattle astragalus.