Eastbourne Community Excavation 2012

I can now tell you all about Eastbourne’s 2012 summer excavation as it’s been released to the press!

Check out the Past Horizons website link for the dig: http://www.pasthorizons.com/worldprojects/Details.asp?ID=2789

This is the second year that Jo Seaman, Eastbourne’s Museum Officer, has organised a community excavation. Last year the site was Grange Gardens (see my earlier posts for details). I’m currently writing up the animal bone report from this excavation for publication.

Here is a press cutting from last year taken from Eastbourne’s County Council newsletter (if you look closely, you can see me at the far end of the trench in the black t-shirt, next to Ruth in red!):

This years dig is going to be fantastic! It’s a new site called Pococks, on the Rodmill Estate. The aim is to try and locate the lost Medieval Manor House and the dig will run from the 14th July to the 12th August as part of the Festival of British Archaeology.

Volunteers are encouraged to apply as there are limited places each day. No experience is necessary, and training will be given, this is what’s great about a community excavation! If you want to book dates, or have queries then email Jo at localhistory@eastbourne.gov.uk or phone on 01323 415396.

I will be digging on this site too, and will give demonstrations on how to identify animal/human bone in an archaeological context as well as what’s involved with the post-ex stages from an osteoarchaeologists perspective.

Hope to see you there!