Hello world!


This is my first blog site, so it’s a bit sparse at the moment while I learn the ropes.

A friend suggested that I start a blog to tell the world about my interesting osteoarchaeology and community archaeology projects.

So here goes…

I love archaeology! It all started years ago while watching my first ever Time Team, and I was hooked. I remember looking for artefacts in my parents garden when I was little (in fact I still do this when I visit, its a habit). I took part in the Time Teams Big Dig many years ago, and dug a large hole in my parents lawn pretending to be an archaeologist. They weren’t best pleased with a 1 m. square pit in the middle of the garden.

I studied archaeology at University and thoroughly enjoyed it. (You don’t have to go to University to become an archaeologist! Join a local archaeological society to get experience). While at Uni, I discovered that I had an interest in skeletal remains (animals and humans), and so I decided to pursue my interest further with a Masters degree.

I’m now¬†a freelance osteoarchaeologist; a specialist in human and animal bones from the archaeological record.

At the moment I’m working on several different projects- more details to follow!