About me

Hayley Forsyth-Magee is a zooarchaeologist currently working at Archaeology South-East, in Portslade.


My name is Hayley Forsyth-Magee and I’m a zooarchaeologist – an animal bone specialist. I analyse archaeological bone assemblages from sites of all periods within the UK.

I received my BSc in Archaeology from Bournemouth University in 2007. I then went on to study for an MSc in Osteoarchaeology, which I completed in 2008.

I’m currently a zooarchaeologist at Archaeology South-East, in Portslade, East Sussex. Animal remains can provide a wealth of information to aid in the interpretation of archaeological sites including evidence of past human-animal interactions, animal husbandry, diet, as well as social and economic status.

I additionally specialise in fish bones, which I find incredibly interesting. My other research interests include the medieval period with a focus on food history, fish/animal husbandry and landscape archaeology.

You can also find me on Academia.edu, LinkedIn, Research Gate and Twitter