Forensics & Outreach

Recently osteoarch was featured in an article by Forensic Outreach. My blog was included amongst the ’25 Eccentric, Weird & Wonderful Science Blogs We Love’ compiled by the FO team. The blogs highlighted in the article cover a variety of sciences and are great reads, I highly recommend that you check them out!

Over the past year or so I have neglected my blog somewhat, but I do intend to remedy this. I have a range of interests that mostly stem from my love of archaeology and includes heritage and history too. I support ‘Archaeology for All’ and the protection of our heritage, community archaeology also gets my vote. I’m a bioarchaeologist (osteo/zoo) and field archaeologist by trade, so many of my posts feature bones and bone related content. I’m a fan of the morbid & macabre and I occasionally dip into the world of memento mori and the history of medicine.

The Forensic Outreach team have produced a range of resources, events and workshops to promote forensic science to all ages.

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