‘Medicine’s Dark Secrets’ A project worth funding

I have been following the progress of ‘Medicine’s Dark Secrets’, a crowd funding project set up by The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice;  Dr. Lindesy Fitzharrris.

You can watch the trailer for the project here, (this video displays human remains).

I myself have gone for ‘The Quack’ package…(says it all really I guess).

I can’t remember how I first discovered The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice, but I’m now following all of Lindsey’s interesting, macabre and sometimes gruesome updates on her blog, facebook and twitter.

I have been interested in human remains ever since I can remember, I was a morbid child, and I’ve rediscovered my interest in medical history because of Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris and her amazing work.

I’m an osteoarchaeologist (studying human and animal bones) and it’s fascinating what we can learn from the human skeleton in archaeology. Things like the age, sex and stature of an individual, lifestyle, status, metrics and disease for example. Studying the history of medicine is even more interesting as there are additional resources to analyse such as tools, documents, diaries, photographs, teaching aids, preserved specimens and more.

Studying the human skeleton, I’m only seeing part of the puzzle. By researching the history of medicine I’m beginning to learn about the manifestations of diseases and how different types present in soft tissue as well as understanding the effects on skeletal remains. I’ve always been interested in Leprosy as an example.

I think that ‘Medicine’s Dark Secrets’ is a project worth funding.

Skeleton etching

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