Eastbourne Ancestors Education Pack 1: The Quest Begins…

The Eastbourne Ancestors Education Team (Fran, Sue, Katherine, Steve, Jo and Myself) have finished putting together the first free education pack for the project thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

We have used the National Curriculum Key Stages 2-5 to produce classroom and museum based activities. Each visit will last an hour and large groups will be split in half, the sessions running simultaneously. You are more than welcome to visit us before you bring your students along.

Key Stage 2- looks at chronological understanding, organisation and communication, historical interpretation and enquiry, knowledge skills and understanding, life processes and living things.

Key Stage 3- looks at chronological understanding, cultural, ethnic and religious diversity, change and continuity, significance, interpretation, historical enquiry, using evidence and communicating about the past.

Key Stage 4- looks at chemical and material behaviour, biology: organisms, physics and radioactive decay and applied science.

Key Stage 5- A Level- can be useful to Anthropology, Archaeology, Geography, Health & Social Care, Public Services, Human Biology, Physical Education and Travel & Tourism classes.

This pack focuses on the first part of our project, looking at the human remains that are held within the Eastbourne Museum Service collection (approx. 300). As the majority are from the Anglo-Saxon period, this pack has a focus on this era looking at how and where these people may have lived, their artefacts, grave goods and burial sites. What we can learn from the skeletons of these past people; if they were male or female, how old they were, how tall, their health, diet, lifestyle and social status, their origins and possibly, how they died.

Here is the education pack: Eastbourne Ancestors; The Quest Begins Part 1 (our contact details can be found here too):

Eastbourne Ancestors Education Pack

Here is our booking form if you are interested:

Group and School Visits Booking Form

The Eastbourne Museum Service run other sessions for a fee such as WW2, Victorians, Tudors…

Also included in the pack is a CD of images, instructions for some activities, further reading and our Saxon explorer children Sunn & Sever who you can colour in and add to a timeline in class.

To deter spam emails you can contact us (Hayley and Jo) with the email addresses supplied on the ‘Introduction’ page of the education pack link above.

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