Battle of Lewes 2012: An Interview with Edwina

Yesterday I was reading through my lovely copy of the Lewes Viva (March 20012 volume 66. Page 21. My Lewes Interview by Alex Leith and photo by Katie Moorman) and came across an interview given by Edwina Livesey, the brains behind the Battle of Lewes Research Group.

Edwina talks about the Battle of Lewes Conference on Saturday 14th April at the Town Hall (make sure you all have your tickets booked, it’s going to be good!).  And also talks about a specialist projector production at Lewes Castle on the evening of the 14th April that is not to be missed!

My research is mentioned (1264 war graves), and I’m working on producing an archaeological map of Sussex from the 13th Century to see if I can plot the extent of the Battle through artefacts, and whether I can tell what life was like for the ‘Joe Bloggs’ of the

Here is the interview, which I have shortened to focus on the Battle of Lewes info and the Performing Arts production advert:

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