Shinewater Park

After my last post, I thought it might be nice for people who aren’t local to the area to learn more about the Bronze Age site at Shinewater in Eastbourne.

Today the area has been transformed into a Nature Park for families and to preserve the archaeology. East Sussex County Council have produced an informative pamphlet about the site: Shinewater

Being a wetland site, like Flag Fen in Peterborough, the archaeology needs to be monitored to ensure the timber waterlogged posts and platforms don’t dry out and turn to dust. To excavate and conserve this material would cost a small fortune, so keeping the archaeology in its current state is the best way to preserve it for future generations.

Artefacts like the Mary Rose, a waterlogged Tudor shipwreck is being treated with PEG polyethylene glycol, a chemical which replaces the water in wood and strengthens the material. In the future the wood from Shinewater would need to be treated with the same chemical. More info: Mary Rose

English Heritage gave conservation advice on one of the finds from the 1995 excavations, a sickle. More info here:

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