GG2011: ‘Dem bones; part 1

It’s been a while since my last post- apologies.

I have several bone projects on the go at the moment, and I’m currently preparing to conserve another assemblage of human remains next month- more on that later.

So what’s new? Well, I’ll tell you…

I attended a fantastic talk by Jo Seaman, at the last Eastbourne Natural History & Archaeological Society meeting earlier this month. Jo’s talk focused on the recent community excavation at the Grange Gardens site this summer, and the work carried out to date by the Eastbourne Museum Service.

I took part in the excavation as the on-site osteoarchaeologist (as well as a field archaeologist). Several fragments of bone were discovered throughout the excavation, which were carefully washed by Robin of ENHAS and Sue Crooks of ESAMP.

These bones are now sitting in bags on my desk waiting to be recorded- a nice job I’ve saved for the weekend.

Preliminary assessment of the material suggests that the usual suspects are present; Cattle (Bos), Sheep/Goat (Ovid) and Pig (Sus).

Once I have completed my report it will feature in the site publication due out in early 2012- so watch this space for an update.

5 thoughts on “GG2011: ‘Dem bones; part 1”

    1. Thanks. I’m freelance at the mo, trying to break into the industry. Thought a blog would be a good way of telling people about my projects and interests.
      Your blog is awesome, also found the fossil article very interesting too. Thanks for sharing that.
      I have a website at that has more photos of bones.

      1. Cheers, I’ll check it out. I just finished Jared Diamond’s “Collapse”. I found it very interesting to read about bone digs in Iceland and Greenland and the Pacific, as part of his analysis of why societies collapsed, and I also immediately knew I would never ever have the patience to do that sort of work. Good luck breaking in!

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