Summer Projects

I’ve had a rather action packed summer so far this year, and I have a few projects lined up to keep me busy in the Autumn too!

Now that the last trench has been backfilled at the Grange Gardens site, it’s now time to go post-ex and analyse all the wonderful finds ready for Jo’s presentation to the Society and Volunteers in September. I’ll be looking at the animal bones from the site to help Jo piece together Eastbourne’s past, now with occupation evidence as early as the Bronze Age.

Over the last week I’ve been cleaning an assemblage from another site ready for analysis, so far I’ve identified a dog, puppies and remains from a bird.

I’m still working my way through the thousands of animal teeth from the Beddingham Roman Villa as part of Brighton & Hove’s Bones Team re-analysis project. Almost completed the pigs, then onto the sheep, cow, deer, dogs, rodents…Once the paper archive is complete, the data will be uploaded onto an Access database ready for interpretation & comparisons with other sites in Britain from the Roman period.

I’ve also started work on the Human Remains from Apple Down Anglo-Saxon Cemetery producing a condition assessment and full skeletal inventory, as well as ensuring the conservation of the collection by re-boxing the remains.

In September I’m hopefully going to be involved in an additional Human Remains project, and a future project later in the year.

I found time a few weekends ago to get out to Barcombe Roman Villa- an amazing site, to take part in a course to boost my CPD. I love learning!

Best get back to work…


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