Fun in the Sun: Grange Gardens 2011

Friday was spent getting the Grange Gardens site ready for the Community excavation project (FoBA 2011).

The morning started with meeting the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, both were extremely interested in the Community Project, the known history of the site and the artefacts discovered from the Sondages dug on Friday 24th June 2011. This news story was covered by the Eastbourne Herald and Eastbourne Live and will be published next week.  

The North-East corner of the site was land surveyed using a dumpy level, measuring in anomalies (bumps, lumps & feautres) in the turf against a base line set up 5 metres from the main gate to the garden.

The afternoon was spent recording foresight and backsight using a local benchmark on the corner of Blackwater and Grassington Road, to the site benchmark. This will enable accurate trench locations and drawings for future reference, against a known reference point.

From the survey in the morning, the first trench location was chosen and plotted.

Excavation starts today for 2 weeks, and the site is open to the Public with tours running from 10-12am and 14-16pm.

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