Surveying at the Eastbourne Festival of British Archaeology site.

On Friday 24th June, a small band of chipper volunteers led by Jo from the Eastbourne Museums Service and Greg, the Assistant County Archaeologist of East Sussex took part in surveying the Eastbourne FoBA site.

A lovely sunny day for resistivity, metal detecting and sondage digging!

We met on site at 10am, with volunteers from the East Sussex Archaeology and Museums Partnership, and independent archaeologists Rob and Pete.

Jo gave a brief history of the site, which appeared to have been in use since the Roman period from the sondage finds. The site seemed to have changed it’s use over the ages, from farmland(?) to that of a landscaped garden in the Victorian era, which changed again after WW2 as the area became urbanised.

Google Earth has also shown some interesting crop marks in the lawn.

A motley crew, we quickly set up a base line and began measuring out 20 metre grids across the site for resistivity surveying. Unfortunately this method wasn’t successful, magnetometry is next…

The metal detecting revealed very little; a drain grate(?) a pound coin, and a beer can.

Four small sondages were dug in varying locations throughout the site, finds included pottery, oyster shell, animal bone and a Victorian path.









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